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Rune W. Berg, PhD

Dep. of Neuroscience

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

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Where do movements come from?

My focus has been to combine quantitative approaches of mathematics and physics with experiments using electrophysiology, genetics and other biological tools to better understand the nervous system especially the motor system. The lab has a unique multi-disciplinary approach in order to contribute in understanding motor control in the brain and spinal motor circuits. We put emphasis on strong quantitative approaches outside mainstream neuroscience. In particular, we believe investigating populations of neurons, as opposed to the single-neuron tradition, is crucial. The key areas of research are:

  • Neuronal Population activity in the spinal cord and brain using large array electrophysiology.
  • Development of novel probe technology
  • Classification of network architecture in the spinal cord motor circuits.
  • Histological clearing techniques for large sample imaging
  • Chronic implantation of electrodes and optical fibers in the central nervous system.

Multi electrode